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Buy pig farrowing cages in Ghana at very competitive price. We supply and install pig farrowing crates or cages, boar crates and other equipment such as pig feeding troughs. Located in Accra, Ghana, we supply to customers all over the country and across west Africa.

Pig Farrowing Cages Made To Last

Our pig farming equipment are made with hot-dip galvanized materials. This galvanisation technique provides a better corrosion resistance thereby increasing the lifespan of the equipment.

The sow cages are normally used from up to 1 week of birth until the piglets are ready to be weaned. This restriction prevents the sow from lying on the piglets thereby addressing the mortality issue. The boar crates also provides a controlled mating environment.

What You Get

The crates or cages come equipped with feeding troughs, drinkers and plastic floor moulds.

The Boar Crate includes:

  • a feeding trough

  • a drinker

  • Price GHS 3,150

Farrowing Crate consists of:

  • a sow cage

  • a piglet cage

  • feeding trough 

  • drinkers 

  • Price GHS 5,150
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