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feed pellet machine

Get feed pellet machine for sale at very competitive price in Ghana. Our feed pelletizer is available in different capacities. Using feed in pellet form makes animal feeding easier and cleaner. Buy from a trusted supplier and get the best value for your money.

Feed Pellet Machine For Sale In Ghana

The feed pellet machine is a feed processing machine used for converting feed ingredients such as corn, soya bean meal, straw, rice husks into dry pellets. The size of the pellets produced ranges from 2mm to 10mm. It consists mainly of a power unit, inlet and outlet, a press roller and processing plate. The power unit can be driven by electricity or a diesel engine. Principal to its operation are the die and roller which are made of high-quality alloy material and is well treated with heat to ensure the durability of the machine.

Energy Efficient & Easy To Operate

You only need to power the machine, fill the feed inlet at the top and the roller and die will then compress the mash to form great-looking pellets. The Flat Die Feed Pelletizer is especially beneficial for small scale production as it is lightweight, has a simple structure, consumes low power and is very easy to operate.

Buy From A Trusted Supplier

Using our solution can make animal feeding easier and cleaner and enable even distribution nutrients in food concentrate. We are one of the top suppliers in Ghana. Locate us in Accra.

feed pellet machine in Ghana
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