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Egg incubator for sale at very affordable prices in Ghana. Our incubators are of higher quality and have a higher hatching efficiency. We also supply to customers all over the country. Locate us in Accra.

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Top Quality Egg Incubator For Sale In Ghana

We have quality, feature-rich egg incubator for small and medium scale entrepreneurs as well as commercial poultry farmers. Operated automatically, our products are available in sizes ranging from 140 egg capacity to over 5000 egg capacity for different purposes.

With very high hatching efficiency, our clients have usually employed our chicken incubators or hatching machines for incubating and hatching quails eggs, chicken eggs, duck eggs, turkey, guinea fowls and for many other purposes.

Egg Incubator Price & Capacities

Get your egg hatching machines from 140 egg capacity to over 5000 egg capacities. Full range of sizes include:

  • 140 egg capacity Price: GHS 2250
  • 880 egg capacity Price: GHS 10,500
  • 1056 egg capacity Price: GHS 13,500
  • 1848 egg capacity Price: GHS 17,500
  • 2112 egg capacity Price: GHS 18,500
  • 3520 egg capacity Price: GHS 27,900

Very Durable & Easy To Use

Our products, among other features, include:

  • Temperature and humidity control
  • Automatic egg turning
  • Digital display for monitoring temperature and humidity

Get Healthier Chicks, Always

While it is true that using our incubators limit damages to the eggs by maintaining a constant temperature and humidity throughout the whole 21-day period, our products were designed to ensure that eggs are accurately turned and the consideration of making it easier for users to disinfect the system ensures that the chicks are always healthy when hatched

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